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What Clients Say

A number of clients agreed AMP's work resulted in the successful introduction of new products, increased revenues and profits, improved shareholder value, and/or helped achieve their growth strategy.

Here is what some clients said about AMP in a 2010 survey:

  • “Extremely professional and forward thinking company”
  • “Great partner and a very professional one”
  • “Able to bring in futuristic ideas developed by AMP's experience”
  • “Provided creative and new ideas”
  • “Meets and exceeds the expectations”
  • “Innovative and collaborative work”
  • “Always willing to take the left turn if needed”
  • “Knew where we wanted to go and what we needed”
  • “Part of the team rather than ‘here is the result’”
  • “Product was valuable”
  • “Process did provide valuable insights”
  • “Able to find the needle in the haystack”
  • “High quality at reasonable rates”
  • “AMP provides good quality, timely work”
  • “Stayed within budget”
  • “In-depth coverage of technical landscape”
  • “Good follow-up”
  • “AMP is very good at company relationships, getting to the right people and laying out how an opportunity could be viewed (even in its infancy)”
  • “I've always found AMP employees to be professional with a desire to help the client.”
  • 100% agreed that AMP conducted itself with a high degree of professionalism